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Where does someone turn when they are alone and don't know where to find assistance? What do they do when they have no one to help them or care for them?

In Fort Worth, the answer is GSI.

Appointment of Chris Katri to Board of Directors

Chris Katri is the Senior Credit Officer for Southside Bank for the North Texas Region. He has been involved with commercial banking for seventeen years and has recently been affiliated with the...

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Appointment of Jeremy L. Luke to Board of Directors

Jeremy L. Luke is Vice President of Consumer Banking for JPMorgan Chase. He is accountable for achieving deposit and investment growth. Mr. Luke has a successful record of accomplishments and...

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Appointment of Martin Brown to Board of Directors

Martin Brown is the Founder, President and CEO of Zhemian Ventures, LLC, a legal advisory and consulting firm specializing in venture capital and private equity transactions. He is an...

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