GSI: A Shining Light in Tarrant County

Where does someone turn when they are alone and need help? What do they do when they have no one to care for them?

In Tarrant County, the answer is GSI.


GSI is a nonprofit organization that cares for Tarrant County adults who cannot fully care for themselves.

GSI was formed in 1985 to care for at-risk adults in need of support. Nearly 40 years since the organization was established, our portfolio of services offered now includes Guardianship, Money Management, Financial Exploitation Prevention, and Benefits Enrollment services.

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Quality Care and Resources

Since 1985, GSI has been recognized as a trusted ally and resource for vulnerable adults, many of whom require support due to the lack of family and loved ones. Not only do our experienced Case Managers, Educators, and Program Managers help the individuals we serve with their day-to-day provisions, but they also help cultivate community. We address the specific needs of each individual, keeping their best interests at heart.


GSI is dedicated to going above and beyond in providing care and hope for at-risk adults.

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Money Management

GSI Money Management offers flexible, empowering alternatives for vulnerable adults.

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Financial Exploitation

The FEPC team provides the services needed to prevent and end exploitation for at-risk adults.

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Engage, Educate, Enroll Program (E3)

The E3 program helps struggling seniors save by enrolling in Medicare Savings Programs.

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Board of Directors

GSI's Board of Directors are dedicated professionals who believe in providing invaluable services to vulnerable individuals.

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