GSI: A Shining Light in Tarrant County

Where does someone turn when they are alone and need support and services? What do they do when they have no one to help or care for them?

In Tarrant County, the answer is GSI.

GSI is a nonprofit organization that cares for Tarrant County adults who cannot fully care for themselves.

We are a last resort for at-risk individuals who have been placed into guardianship by the Tarrant County Probate Court and who simply have nowhere else to turn. Clients in our Money Management Program need assistance in making prudent financial decisions in their own best interest.

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A Unique Support Program

GSI goes the extra mile to serve those in need. Our experienced, compassionate staff doesn’t stop at just supplying the basics. We address the specific needs of each individual, keeping their best interests at heart.

GSI is dedicated to going above and beyond in providing care and hope to people where there was none before. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. And it’s representative of the generosity and compassion for which Tarrant County is known.


GSI is dedicated to going above and beyond in providing care and hope for at-risk adults.

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Money Management

GSI Money Management offers flexible, empowering alternatives for vulnerable adults

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Board of Directors

Chris Katri, President
Senior Vice President, Senior Credit Officer
Southside Bank
Chair, Executive Committee

Michelle Simpson, Vice President
Michelle Simpson Law, PLLC

Sanjay Pamurthy, Treasurer
Senior Vice President, Finance
The Freeman Company

Shelly Shults, Secretary
Assistant Vice President
Frost Wealth Advisors

Brittany Allen-Brantley, JD
Leach Fox Law

Tony Aquila
Founder, CEO & Chairman
AFV Partners

Zelia Baugh
EVP, Psychiatric and Correctional Health Services
JPS Health Network

Jonathan D. Berry
Covenant Insurance Solutions

Arden Brands
Senior Vice President
Encore Bank

Traci Brass
Systems Engineer
Lockheed Martin

Martin Brown
Zhemian Ventures, LLC

Brett Johnston
Tarrant Lighting Resources

David Katten
Technology Platform Development Specialist Holdings
Chair, Technology Committee

Robert L. Loudermilk, President
Grover/Loudermilk, PLLC
Immediate Past President

Jeremy L. Luke
Market Director Banking

Nirav Patel
Kelly Hart & Hallman

Angela Thomas-Haymer

Community Volunteer

Dana Zachry
Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Katten Benson Zachry, LLP

Lyn Scott
Executive Director, GSI
Staff Liaison