Guardian angels

Meet Yolanda, just one person whose life was changed by your gifts to Guardianship Services, Inc. (GSI), and know the good you've done didn't stop there.

You made a life-changing difference for her daughter, Latonya, too.

More than 15 years ago, mother and daughter fled an abusive roommate and spent a night on the streets. They couldn't have imagined it then, but that dark night under a highway overpass was a turning point in their lives.

At a local shelter, they met Teresa “Tree” Rabold, a Guardianship Services case manager, and set off on life's journey together. Guardianship Services protects aging and other vulnerable adults like Yolanda, who lives with intellectual difficulties, from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Take a few minutes to hear their story of lives transformed with the help of Guardianship Services staff and volunteer Dr. Helen Curtis.

One in 25 Tarrant County residents lives with a cognitive difficulty.

They need our help - and yours.