Senior Guardianship Service

Saved From Homelessness

Mr. James is 82 years old, a loner, and rents an apartment in a housing project. He was threatened with eviction due to nonpayment of rent.

It was a mystery how he spent his modest Social Security check; it certainly was not on food. GSI was appointed representative payee to handle his bills. The case manager opened an account at a local bank, into which his check is now directly sent, and negotiated a repayment plan with the housing agency.

Mr. James now has a small amount of spending money and his nutritional and housing needs are being met. Most importantly, he is no longer on the verge of homelessness. Additionally, due to the friendship and trust that has grown between Mr. James and his volunteer, he finally allowed his volunteer to find additional supportive services, enabling him to continue to live independently.

We are in continual need of volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of providing guardianship, support and services for at-risk adults in Tarrant County. If you have spare time available to donate, we ask you consider this very worthy cause.

To learn more, visit our volunteering page or contact us.

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