Dollars & Good Sense

Vulnerable adults often need help managing money, whether its organizing and paying their bills or avoiding fraud and exploitation. They find the help they need in GSI's Money Management Program, offered as an alternative to guardianship or as part of guardianship services.

Money Management Referral

We can ease the worry and stress of managing finances for a loved one – with no court or legal referral required.

Bill Payer Program

The Bill Payer Program provides one-on-one help for adults 60 and older. A GSI staff member or volunteer meets with the client to create a budget, help pay monthly bills, reconcile bank statements, and avoid financial exploitation. We can also help clients access public benefits.

If you’re responsible for the care and well-being of an older adult but need help managing their finances, call us. You do not need the permission of the courts to ask for our help. Simply call us for more information.

Representative Payee

Our Representative Payee Program staff and volunteers are skilled in money management, financial technology, and more. Thanks to their expertise, we offer a workable solution for paying a vulnerable adult's bills, budgeting for expenses, and keeping their financial house in order.

To qualify, a person’s primary source of income must be a federal government check, such as Social Security or veteran’s benefits. In addition, they must be:

  • A resident of Tarrant County;
  • Age 18 or older;
  • Capable of managing most nonfinancial personal and health care decisions;
  • Willing to agree to have GSI become their Representative Payee;
  • Able to provide medical evidence that a need exists for a Representative Payee.

Like to know more? Call 817-921-0499, email us at or click the link below.

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The mission of the Financial Exploitation Prevention Center (FEPC) is to create a unified network of partners committed to the prevention, protection, and prosecution of financial exploitation of aging and/or disabled adults in Tarrant County.

The Center connects older Tarrant County residents and adults with physical, developmental, or cognitive disabilities, their families, and caregivers with services and supports they need to prevent and end exploitation.

Call 817-720-6556 for help.

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Money Management Program Volunteers

Do you have a compassionate heart and personal household financial skills? GSI would like to hear from you!

Bill Payer Volunteer

  • Organizes client's bills
  • Prepares checks for client's signature (no authority to sign checks)
  • Develops a budget with the client
  • Encourages the client to follow the budget

Payee Volunteer

  • Ensures basic needs are being met
  • Assistance in shopping
  • Assist in monitoring receipts
  • Encourages the client to follow the budget

If you have the time and personal financial talents to make a real difference in someone's life, we encourage you to consider volunteering to be either a Bill Payer or Payee volunteer.

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Money Management Resources

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