Friendly Visitor: Volunteer in Your Spare Time

Tarrant County is a special place, overflowing with generosity and a willingness to pitch in and lend a hand to those in need. GSI's volunteers embody these traits on a daily basis.

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We could use your help.

Volunteers help our Money Management and Guardianship Program clients in a variety of important and beneficial ways. They visit with the homebound and bring much-needed conversation, personal time, and money management to those who have no one else. They help manage finances, budgets, and bill payments. Volunteers are there to celebrate a birthday or holiday. They go shopping for clients and help with simple chores.

Make an impact.

GSI volunteers help in other important ways. They help clients pack their things and move to a new address. When a client has an important doctor’s visit, volunteers will be there, providing a smile and a friendly face to help them navigate their medical appointment. In so many ways, GSI volunteers help improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

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We are in continual need of volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of providing guardianship and supports and services for at-risk adults in Tarrant County. If you have spare time to volunteer, we ask you to consider this very worthy cause.