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Each volunteer is required to submit a monthly report detailing all transactions and activities that take place involving clients. Knowing what the volunteers are doing, as well as their concerns, allows us to work as a team for the best interest of the clients. Reports are also important because:

  • GSI is accountable to the Tarrant County Probate Court and various funders for all activities with and for clients, including the actions of the volunteers;
  • The GSI case managers need to know what is transpiring in each client’s life in order to better serve the client and assist the volunteers in their volunteer commitment;
  • The report becomes part of the client’s records and assists the agency provide an accurate picture of each client’s situation.

Volunteer reports are due the 4th of each month for the previous month’s activities.

Reporting Formats

A number of ways are available to send volunteer reports to GSI. Access the links below for the Volunteer Guardian monthly report form. Please note that there are two worksheets in the file. You may complete these on the computer and e-mail them to GSI or print the forms and mail or fax them to us.

Volunteer Guardian Reporting Form

Volunteer Guardian Reporting Form

Money Management volunteers complete a client status form and a time and travel contact log. These forms are available below.

Money Management Time And Travel Contact Log

Representative Payee Client Status Form

Volunteers may also request a travel allowance for mileage driven while performing volunteer service. These forms must be submitted at the same time as the monthly reporting  form. Reimbursement will not exceed $30.00 per client per month and will only be paid if the report is submitted on a timely basis.