Money Management Volunteers

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Clients in the Money Management Program have problems managing limited financial resources. As a result, the clients experience a crisis in one or more areas: no electricity, water or gas; lack of food; inability to obtain necessary medication; and/or financial exploitation. Clients are able to decide where to live and to make informed choices regarding healthcare. The volunteers visit the clients in order to monitor financial activities and day-to-day needs and to assist in making sound financial decisions.

Representative Payee Program 

Representative Payee clients are those for whom GSI receives the government check, pays their bills, and provides them with an allowance.

The responsibilities of these volunteers include:

  • Make regular and meaningful visits to the client;
  • Work with the case manager to ensure client’s basic needs, including food, are being met;
  • Deliver the allowance;
  • Work with the client to be sure that receipts account for all expenditures and all bills are paid;
  • Monitor for financial exploitation;
  • Contact a case manager if there is a change in the client’s status;
  • Submit monthly activity reports;
  • Provide transportation, if necessary.