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Why Volunteer for Guardianship Services, Inc.?

The people who need your help are friends and neighbors – people in your community who held jobs, raised families, paid taxes. Due to mental incapacity or physical disability, they are no longer able to make and communicate good decisions and are in crisis. People are referred to GSI because there is no one else to help. As a GSI volunteer, you stand in the gap – protecting them, befriending them, and advocating for them. If someone you love faced insurmountable problems and were all alone, wouldn’t you want someone like you to help them?


Volunteer Qualifications

GSI is looking for volunteers who:

  • Are sympathetic to the needs and concerns of incapacitated or financially challenged adults;
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Recognize the value of being organized and accountable;
  • Can advocate assertively for the client;
  • Are at least 21 years old;
  • Are willing to complete training and submit to reference checks and annual criminal background investigations as required by state law and agency standards.

Volunteer Opportunities

Guardianship Program volunteers serve clients who have been declared legally incapacitated in a Tarrant County Probate Court. Volunteers represent the best interests of incapacitated clients.

Representative Payee volunteers serve clients who cannot manage their government benefit checks. GSI is appointed as Representative Payee by Social Security or the Veterans Administration and volunteers assist by visiting the client to assess needs, deliver allowances, and help the client with shopping.

Money Management Education volunteers work with the adults whose primary diagnosis is a mild intellectual disability. Volunteers monitor financial activities and assist in making sound financial decisions

Friendly Visitors assist the case managers by taking clients to doctor appointments, shopping for essentials, and visiting the clients.