Representative Payee Program

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The client’s primary source of income must be a federal government check, such as Social Security or veteran’s benefits, to qualify for the Representative Payee Program. In addition, the client must be:

  • A resident of Tarrant County;
  • Age 18 or older;
  • Capable of managing all nonfinancial personal and health care decisions;
  • Willing to agree to have GSI become his or her Representative Payee;
  • Able to provide medical evidence that a need exists for a Representative Payee.

Service Description

When a potential client is referred to the Representative Payee Program, a GSI staff member will visit the client in his or her own home. If the client agrees to have GSI manage the government check, a case manager will review the client’s expenses, income, and daily needs to develop a budget. GSI is responsible for completing the Representative Payee application.

GSI will open a bank account in the client’s name and arrange for direct deposit of the government check. The mailing address for all bills and creditor correspondence will be changed to GSI. The case manager will contact debt collectors and either arrange a payment plan or inform them there is no money to pay the debt. Agency staff will also create a budget and pay current bills to ensure the client has food, clothing, and adequate shelter.

A prearranged allowance is delivered to the client. The client can use this money for food, clothing, or discretionary spending. Additionally, funds are saved for client emergencies.


The process of receiving income and paying bills is divided between various staff members and volunteers so that all transactions are subject to checks and balances. A separate volunteer reconciles the bank statements and confirms that all checks are for legitimate client expenses. In addition, the program is monitored by the Social Security Administration and case managers report directly to the Representative Payee sources.