Client Profiles


John – Representative Payee Client

John was referred by a homeless shelter. Several years ago, a nursing facility became his Representative Payee while he was in the facility for rehabilitation following surgery. When John left the rehab facility, his benefits stopped because the Social Security Administration determined that he needed a Representative Payee and no one was available to assist. With no income, John became homeless.

John has partial hearing impairment and short-term memory loss. He also has high blood pressure and a pacemaker. VA Homeless Services agreed to work with John and help him find housing if GSI would become his Representative Payee. Thanks to GSI, John is now living in his own apartment.



Carrie – Money Management Education Program Client

Carrie lived with her family, and had a job at a grocery store. MHMR served as Representative Payee for Carrie’s Social Security benefit. Her stated goal was to be able to move into her own apartment and manage her own funds.

Carrie possessed minimal math skills, but did not understand how to use a decimal point and had difficulty recognizing numbers above ten. GSI’s Money Management Educator visited Carrie weekly and used workbook exercises, role-playing and flash cards to teach her necessary money management skills.

Carrie became her own Representative Payee, moved into an apartment, and even got married. GSI continues to monitor Carrie’s status to make sure that she is able to handle new problems as they arise. She continues to do well and is proud of her accomplishments.