Money Management Program

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GSI’s Money Management Program is an alternative to guardianship—a way to provide assistance with problems like those listed above before a small crisis becomes a serious, ongoing crisis, resulting in the need for guardianship. The client receives as much or as little help as he or she needs and participation is voluntary. Two programs exist within the Money Management Program:  Representative Payee Program;  Money Management Education Program.

Another-Happy-MME-Client.jpgRepresentative Payee Program

In the Representative Payee Program, GSI is appointed as payee for the client’s government benefit check because a physician or government payee source has stated the client is incapable of managing money. The client’s monthly check and all bills are delivered to GSI. After the bills are paid, money is delivered to the client to be spent as the client wishes.


Money Management Education Program

Money Management Education Program clients participate in one-on-one and classroom sessions designed to enable them to pay bills, shop, bank, manage money independently, and avoid exploitation. The target audience for this program is adults 18 years and older with mild cognitive disabilities.