Guardianship Service Description

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Judy-and-Yvonne.jpgGSI volunteer guardians and case managers are held accountable for making decisions regarding the health and well-being of each client. The guardian is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the client’s living environment is safe and secure;
  • Arranging for and consenting to medical treatment;
  • Applying for public benefits;
  • Making sure the client receives appropriate nutrition and medication;
  • Managing the client’s financial affairs, including income, expenditures and resources;
  • Arranging for in-home or other support services;
  • Advocating for the client’s preferences and needs.

When GSI is appointed guardian, a staff case manager is assigned to manage the client’s care. If appropriate and available, the client is matched with a volunteer who will visit the client, monitor care, and assist with routine activities. The “Letters of Guardianship” issued by the Probate Court name the agency as the guardian. GSI issues a “Letter of Agency” to the case manager or volunteer, who will act on behalf of GSI for the client.

Initially, the client is removed from any dangerous living situation. The need for medical care is assessed. Case managers and volunteers obtain in-home services or placement that will ensure the client receives food, medication, and needed assistance.

The Money Management Program, a Guardian of the Estate, or a bank trust department handles all client estate issues.