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Volunteer Jim faithfully visited Mark in the nursing home, but had difficulty learning about his background. Several strokes had affected Mark’s speech and he had dementia. No family members were available to tell Jim about his life. All Jim knew was that Mark was a human being who deserved to be treated with dignity and respect.

When Mark passed away, Jim researched whether he was eligible for burial at the D/FW National Cemetery. Only then did he discover that Mark was a war hero. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Mark manned a gun and shot down a number of the Japanese war planes that swarmed the skies.


Jim proudly attended Mark’s military funeral and was presented with the flag that had covered his casket. That flag now flies over the nursing home where Mark spent his final days.


Strangers and drug dealers took advantage of Shirley’s confusion. Some actually moved into her small home. A neighbor, who had been hired to clean, stole money and valuables. Shirley gave the neighbor a check for $50.00 to purchase groceries; all she received in return was a six-pack of soft drinks. Finally, when $1,000.00 disappeared from a savings account, the bank called Adult Protective Services. Shirley was immediately referred to GSI.

Frances was appointed Shirley’s volunteer guardian. She arranged for in-home services, obtained a wheelchair, and made Shirley part of her family. Frances and her family celebrated Shirley’s 94th birthday at a restaurant and showered her with gifts. When asked if Shirley was her grandmother, Frances would simply agree. Shirley would just beam.

Special people like Shirley deserve exceptional volunteers like Frances.