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Anyone who has provided assistance to an aged relative or an adult with developmental disabilities knows how demanding that role can be and how dependent these special adults become on their caregiver. If there is no family member or friend suitable to serve as caregiver, or the caregiver has become too exhausted to continue in this role, Guardianship Services, Inc. becomes involved, either through its Guardianship or Money Management program.

GSI needs the community’s assistance to be able to continue to care for those who have no one else. How can you help GSI? There are two important avenues. One is to volunteer. The second is to donate.

volunteer.png get_involved.png donate.png
volunteer.png get_involved.png donate.png

happy-clients-receiving-food.jpgGuardianship or money management volunteers serve as client advocates. They attend training, provide references, undergo background checks, and are matched with suitable clients. Specific volunteer duties depend upon the client with whom the volunteer is matched. Please contact GSI’s Director of Volunteers at 817-921-0499 for further information on volunteer opportunities.

Donating to GSI ensures adequate resources to effectively serve the clients which are referred to GSI. It costs $2,400.00 to provide guardianship or money management services to one client for a year, $200.00 to serve a client for one month. Please consider utilizing the “DONATE” button to help make a difference in the life of at least one client. You also are welcome to send a contribution to: Guardianship Services, Inc., Director of Development, P.O. Box 11481, Fort Worth, Texas 76110.

If you prefer, or in addition to sending a contribution, consider naming Guardianship Services, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will. These funds will brighten the future for generations of adults who need guardianship or money management services.