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Guardianship Services, Inc. is committed to assisting clients by utilizing the least restrictive means and resources possible. As such, promoting client independence is paramount.

If a client is simply experiencing problems managing a government benefit, he or she may enroll in GSI’s Money Management Program. Under this program, GSI becomes Representative Payee for the client’s Social Security, Veteran’s Administration or other government check. Clients may also elect to enroll in the Money Management Bill Payer or Education programs. In all programs, the client retains the right to self-determination and participation is voluntary.

Clients who are experiencing problems in multiple areas due to developmental disabilities, dementia, severe memory loss or other cognitive impairments are candidates for the Guardianship Program. If they meet the requirements set forth in the Texas Probate Code, a Tarrant County Probate Court will appoint GSI as guardian to act as surrogate decision maker. Duties and responsibilities will vary from client to client and are described in the court order.